The technology that assure 
 the highest performance 

The new series of special tools is developed for agriculture and forest fields, making HPV EVO Vistarini Breakers an accessory suitable for employment in every working field.
Pile driver: the point is fixed in a special bell developed to hold and guide the pile. This tool is produced on request taking into account the diameter of the pile that should be planted. Wooden Cutter with this tool is possible to cut the wooden and residues of forest cutting operations. The special shape prevents that the tool get stuck in the cutting gap.

TYPE VH / VHX60E VH / VHX90E VH / VHX120E VH / VHX150E VH / VHX200E VH250E / VHX250E / 331E VHX400E
Wooden cutter 019560W 016950W 019960W 019440W 016970W 016980W -
Pile driver 019560PP 016950PP 019960PP 019440PP 016970PP 016980PP 019800PP

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